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Axios noted that this is “the latest episode to deepen tensions between the Biden administration and Israeli leaders over the war in Gaza”.

The Israeli government was surprised by Hamas’ acceptance of the ceasefire deal proposal, the American news website Axios reported, citing three Israeli officials. 

Hamas announced its acceptance of the ceasefire proposal on Monday, following days of talks with Egyptian and Qatari mediators in Cairo and Doha. CIA director William Burns was reportedly involved in these discussions, but the CIA declined to comment, according to Axios.

Gaza Ceasefire Proposal – Full Text

The Israeli officials claimed that the Biden administration was aware of the latest ceasefire deal proposal mediated by Egypt and Qatar and did not brief Israel before the announcement, the report added.

According to Axios, a senior US official responded, stating that American diplomats “have been engaged with Israeli counterparts” and that “there have been no surprises.”

Axios reported that the situation has “created deep disappointment and suspicion” among senior Israeli officials regarding the US role in the prisoner swap talks, and this could potentially impact the negotiations going forward.

The US official reportedly emphasized that the negotiation process is extremely challenging, conducted through intermediaries in Doha and Cairo. 

Axios noted that this is “the latest episode to deepen tensions between the Biden administration and Israeli leaders over the war in Gaza”.

Details of Gaza Ceasefire Proposal – Top Hamas Official

Israeli officials believe they were misled by the US and the mediators, who introduced a “new deal” without transparency. 

Hamas chief negotiator Khalil al-Hayya informed Al-Jazeera that Hamas received assurances from Egyptian and Qatari mediators regarding US President Joe Biden’s commitment to ensuring full implementation of any prisoner exchange deal. 

According to one senior Israeli official, it appears that the Americans conveyed a message to Hamas indicating that ending the war would be acceptable.

“We think the Americans conveyed the message to Hamas that it will be okay when it comes to ending the war,” he was quoted by Axios as saying.

Nowhere Else to Go – Rafah Refugees Call on the World to Intervene

The US official reportedly clarified that the Biden administration’s goal is to transform an initial six-week ceasefire into a more enduring arrangement. 

In response to the situation, the Israeli war cabinet has decided to send a delegation to Cairo for discussions with Egyptian and Qatari mediators regarding the new proposal. CIA director Burns is expected to be in Cairo when the Israeli delegation arrives.

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