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Despite the military exercises, there were significant casualties and captures during the actual attack.

The Israeli army suffered a failure on October 7, despite conducting military exercises simulating a similar attack to one carried out by the Palestinian Resistance, Israeli media reported.

According to Al-Jazeera, Israeli Channel 12 reported that the General Staff inspected bases in the Gaza Division just 72 hours before the surprise military operation conducted by Hamas and other Palestinian Resistance groups. 

While training had been conducted across all military sites in the division, only one site, named Yifthah, received a passing grade, according to the channel. 

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The rest of the sites were reportedly found lacking in their preparedness to defend against an incursion into military bases and sites.

Training scenarios included scenarios such as confronting unauthorized entry of infantry or vehicles into military sites, seizing combat equipment from ammunition depots, storming control rooms, and seizing keys to armament rooms, Channel 12 added.

Despite this preparation, there were significant casualties and captures during the actual attack, with 54 recruits killed at the Nahal Oz military site and ten others captured by Hamas. 

The Israeli army was reportedly unable to address the failures identified during the inspection conducted several days prior to the attack.

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Internal Division

The Israeli army announced new appointments on Thursday, including to senior ranks of its leadership.

‘”Brig. Gen. Shlomi Binder will be appointed as the head of the (Military) Intelligence Directorate (AMAN). He will be promoted to the rank of Major General,’” the army said in a statement.

The appointment of Gen. Binder as the new head of AMAN, succeeding Aharon Haliva, has stirred controversy in Israel. 

According to Al-Jazeera, Israeli military analyst Alon Ben David highlighted concerns about Bandar’s professional reputation, particularly regarding his alleged role in the October 7 attack when he headed the Operations Division. 

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Ben David also pointed out internal conflicts within the Intelligence Division, suggesting a need for leadership changes.

Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy has reportedly urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to engage in a comprehensive strategic discussion on all fronts to make balanced decisions for long-term strategy. Hi 

However, Netanyahu’s refusal to hold such discussions has led to frustration within the security services, with tactical achievements failing to translate into strategic gains.


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