War on Gaza: Israeli forces killed captives during Nuseirat ‘massacre’, alleges Hamas

While four Israeli captives were recovered alive during the attack, several others were killed, says Hamas military spokesman, Abu Obeida

MEE staff

Palestinians walk on the rubble of destroyed buildings following the Israeli Special Forces’ deadly attack on Nuseirat camp, in the central Gaza Strip on 8 June (AFP/Eyad Baba)

Some of the Israeli captives being held by Hamas were killed by Israeli forces during the most recent attack on al-Nuseirat refugee camp and nearby areas in central Gaza, according to a Hamas spokesman. 

Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida said that during the “horrific massacre” in al-Nuseirat, Israeli forces killed some of the captives that had been held in Hamas custody. 

Israel was able to recover four live captives during the attack early Saturday. All four were reported to be in good health. 

Israel has yet to respond to the public allegation made by Abu Obeida in a statement on his Telegram channel.

Saturday’s “operation will pose a great danger to the enemy hostages and will negatively impact their conditions and lives,” Abu Obeida said in his statement.

Israel estimates that number of Israeli captives remaining in the Gaza Strip is 120, including 43 who have been declared dead.

‘Bloody massacre’

It is not yet known how many Israeli captives were allegedly killed. Obeida did not provide a specific number, but implied more than one. 

Israeli forces killed at least 210 Palestinians during the Nuseirat operation on Saturday, according to local documentation.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas instructed Palestine’s envoy to the United Nations to call for an emergency session of the Security Council following what he called Israel’s “bloody massacre” in Nuseirat camp. 

A statement released by Palestine’s official news agency Wafa said that President Abbas “is engaged in intensive diplomatic efforts with Arab and international stakeholders to convene an emergency session of the UN Security Council”. 

“The aim is to address the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and compel the Israeli occupation to comply with international legitimacy resolutions, including those calling for an immediate ceasefire,” the statement said.

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