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Israeli army radio said on Sunday evening that five drones were launched from Lebanon on their way to the Mount Hermon area in the Golan.

It claimed that Israeli air defenses intercepted four drones, while the fifth fell without causing any injuries. 

Earlier today, the Lebanese group Hezbollah said it had attacked with drones a technical and electronic reconnaissance center in Mount Hermon in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The organization confirmed that it hit and destroyed part of the espionage and intelligence equipment and technical systems at the reconnaissance center on Mount Hermon.

A source in Hezbollah told Al-Jazeera that the electronic technical reconnaissance center was targeted for the first time since the 1973 October war.

Additionally, the source indicated that the targeting of the center is the largest operation of the party’s air force since October 8, the start of the clashes between Hezbollah and the Israeli army last year. 

Also, on Sunday, Israel Fire and Rescue Authority said that its teams are dealing with three fire hotspots after rockets, coming from Lebanon landed in the Upper Galilee and the Lower Galilee.

Since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, on October 7, the Lebanese movement Hezbollah has engaged directly, but relatively in a limited way in the war against the Israeli occupation.

In recent weeks, however, the intensity of the fighting has increased, leading to concerns that an all-out war between Hezbollah and the Israeli army is imminent. 

Israel has occupied parts of Lebanon for decades and has only left the country in 2000, following stiff Lebanese resistance under Hezbollah’s leadership. 

Israel attempted to re-occupy Lebanon in 2006 but failed in what Lebanon considers a major victory against Israel. 

Israel, however, continues to occupy parts of Lebanon, namely the Sheeba Farms region.

Hezbollah has vowed to recover every inch of Lebanon that has been occupied by Israel contrary to international law.

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