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In his letter to the Shin Bet chief, the legal adviser of the Likud party reportedly urged immediate action to counter these threats, following remarks made by some protest leaders in Israel.

Israeli attorney Avi Halevi, the legal adviser of the Likud party, has sent a letter to Ronan Bar, head of the Shin Bet, claiming incitement to murder and an immediate danger to the physical safety of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family, the Israeli newspaper Maariv reported on Wednesday.

According to Halevi, the danger stems from statements made by some protest leaders in Israel.

Maariv reported that Halevi had previously written to the Attorney General, Gali Baharav-Miara, expressing concerns about a clear and immediate threat to Netanyahu and his family. 

In his letter to the Shin Bet chief, Halevi reportedly urged immediate action to counter these threats. 

He argued that incitement to murder is evident from the statements of certain protest leaders and stressed the urgent need for protective measures. 

According to Maariv, Halevi pointed out that “in any other country, the authorities would investigate, arrest, and prosecute. In Israel, this does not happen.”

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‘The Devil’

Halevi’s letter follows remarks from Ami Dror, an Israeli businessman and a prominent figure in the anti-Netanyahu Kaplan protests.

Maariv reported that, during a speech in Caesarea, Dror referred to Netanyahu as a “devil” and made derogatory remarks about the prime minister’s family. 

“A family of lunatics abandons the kidnapped! A family of criminals is destroying the State of Israel,” Dror reportedly stated in his speech. 

“The story is simple. The man is a coward and weak. Afraid of his people, afraid of himself. Told himself he was an angel, discovered himself to be the devil,” Dror concluded.

Sara Netanyahu Fears A Coup

On Tuesday, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Netanyahu’s wife had accused top army officials of attempting to orchestrate a coup against her husband.

These accusations were made during a private meeting last week with several families of Israelis held captive in the Gaza Strip, where Sara Netanyahu said that “Israeli forces are seeking to stage a military coup against her husband,” according to the report.

The report added that, when some family members interrupted, suggesting she could not claim distrust in the Israeli military, she clarified that her “distrust applies only to senior army figures, not the (Israeli army) as a whole,” insisting more than once that “the army brass wants to stage a coup”.

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Sara Netanyahu was not the only family member to accuse military leaders. Her son, Yair Netanyahu, made similar accusations earlier this month.

On June 17, Yair accused the military and the Shin Bet security service of “betrayal” during the military operation carried out by the Palestinian movement Hamas on October 7.

“What are they trying to hide? If there was no betrayal, then why are they afraid of external and independent parties investigating what happened?” he wrote on X.

“Why did the army and intelligence chiefs keep claiming that Hamas was deterred? Where was the Air Force on October 7th?” he added.

A spokesperson “speaking on Netanyahu’s behalf” dismissed the report, stating that “the plague of false, tendentious and constant leaks about Mrs. Netanyahu constitutes a heinous injustice,” according to Haaretz.

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